Huang Qingfa
Stone Literature in the Tang Dynasty
Courses:Ancient Chinese Literature, Appreciative Comments on Poetry of the Tang and Song Dynasties
Associate Professor

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Main research papers: 

Authentication of the Newly Published Epitaph of Dugu, the Wife of a Senior General of the Tang Dynasty, Issue 2 of Chinese Classics & Culture in 2014.  

Supplement to the Newly Found Works of the Tang Dynasty on Stone Carvings, No. 14 of Journal of the Studies on Chinese Classical Documents, published by the Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House in October 2015.  

Newly Unearthed Stone Carvings and Studies of Lu Lun, Issue 1 of Literary Heritage in 2016.  

Obtaining the title of Excellence in the faculty and staff assessment of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2014.

Participation in the following projects:

1.  Checking and punctuating notes and novels of the Tang Dynasty (six kinds of novels of the Tang Dynasty such as the Unofficial History), which were included in the Unofficial History of China, with about 100,000 words, published by the Taishan Publishing House in 2000.  
2.  Making corrections and supplements to the Tang Poetry Appreciation Dictionary • Tang Poetry Catalogue, about 20,000 words, published by the Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House in 2004.