Application Requirements

1. A passport with a valid Residence Permit.

2. Aged from 18 to 55 and in good health.

3. Abide by the laws of the People’s Republic of China and observe the rules and regulations of the university.

Application Procedure

Step 1:Online application , Register with your email address, sign in with your email address and initial password, complete online application on the web-site of

Step 2:Upload Documents:

1. A photocopy of your passport page with personal information and photo. (jpg, ≤3MB)

2. A photocopy of your valid Residence Permit.

3. A photocopy of your recent photo (jpg, 2.2x2.8cm, 300 pixels/inch, ≤10k, Bareheaded).

Step 3:Pay the application fee 450 yuan: It could be online payment paid, wire transfer through the bank or paying in credit/banking card in our office. Please DON’T transfer through ATM.

Step 4:Submit the application form

Admission and registration

1. We will issue an Admission Notice to those who are accepted by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.  

2. The student shall come to Shanghai Jiao Tong University for registration on the registration date indicated on the Admission Notice.  

Students will get the timetable after checking passport and visa, paying the tuition, placement test and so on during the registration day.