(A minimum number of 8 students is required to start a class, around 25 students with a similar level of Chinese language will study in the same class.) 

Introduction of Intensive Chinese

This course is intended to train the communication skills of foreign students by focusing on topics closely related to their life, study and work in China.Students learn vocabulary, grammar rules, expressions and culture related topics which are useful in communication to improve their listening and speaking abilities.

This course is scheduled for four or six weeks with 4 class hours (1class hour = 45 minutes) every day. There are 4 levels and placement test will be given on the registration day.

Elementary: Target students:students with no experience in learning Chinese

Contents:phonetic training, most commonly-used vocabulary and sentence patterns, and basic communication skills in daily life.

Textbook:Quick Success in Oral Chinese: Introduction (Vol. 1)

Basic: Target students: beginners mastering about Chinese 800 words

Contents: commonly-used vocabulary, special sentence patterns,compoundsentencesand communication skills in daily lifeandon other social occasions.

Textbook: Quick Success in Oral Chinese: Basic

Intermediate: Target students:intermediate level, mastering about Chinese 1500 words

Contents: frequently-used vocabulary, essential Chinese grammar and communication skills in daily life and on other social occasions.

Textbook:Quick Success in Oral Chinese: Enhancement

Advanced: Target students: intermediate level, mastering2,000 to 2,500Chinese words.

Contents: essential Chinese grammar and vocabulary, special sentence patterns and communication skills on more complicated social occasions.

Textbook:Quick Success in Oral Chinese for Intermediate


Business Chinese (Intermediate) - Introduction

1)      Objective and prerequisites

It is suitable for learners who have already had about 1000 hours of Chinese learning experience and are interested in business Chinese, and requires learners to have preliminary listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and the ability to use Chinese for daily communication.

2)  Learning goals and teaching methods

Integrating listening, speaking, reading and writing into one, the course provides rich business situations around business topics such as going to the bank, renting and buying a house, property management and services, market research, marketing, corporate culture, etc. to help students master relevant words and expressions and reach the level of using Chinese to communicate more effectively in business activities. 

3) Textbook:

《卓越汉语商务致胜3主编 王惠玲、周红 外语教学与研究出版社 20131月第1