Entry Requirements

Aged between 18 to 55, in good health.

Study period

Four-week program: Early July to end of July,

Application period

March 1-May 31

Class time

Monday to Friday 

Application procedure

1) Apply online at the website: http://applychinese.sjtu.edu.cn. Register with your email address, sign in with your email address and initial password, choose "Chinese Language Summer and Short-term Programs", fill out all the required information.

2) Upload Documents:

1. A photocopy of your passport page with personal information and photo. If you are already in China, please provide a photocopy of your valid Visa or Residence Permit as well. (jpg, ≤3MB)

2. A photocopy of your recent photo (jpg, 2.2x2.8cm, 300 pixels/inch, ≤10k, Bareheaded).

3. If you are studying at another university/school in China, please submit a study certificate, grades and attendance or a recommendation letter issued by the International Student Office or the school of your host university with their contact information.

3) The application fee could be paid online, orbank transfer or pay by credit/banking card in our office. Please DON’T transfer through ATM.Please email us a copy of the Remittance Confirmation with the subject of “surname, name, transfer date (year/month/date), overseas/domestic transfer, amount” to clpvisa@sjtu.edu.cn after you transfer the fee. (e.g.Watson, John, 2019/03/22, overseas transfer, $85)

4) Applicant can bring these documents with a valid ordinary passport to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate to apply for a student visa. Those who are already in China need to submit a copy of the visa page together with the other application documents.

5) All applicants should register in Shanghai Jiao Tong University on time. Absence on the registration day (excluding with the permission of the university) will be regarded as withdraw from this program.

6) The application documents will not be returned and the application fee is non-refundable. The tuition should be paid before or on registration day and it is non-refundable.

7)  *Those who apply for both the Summer Chinese Course and the Fall-term Chinese Course at the same time, the applicant only need fill the application form for Fall-term (choose “Chinese Language Program”, “Full-time (long-term) Program”), an email is required to iso@sjtu.edu.cn to confirm the application fee (RMB¥450) once only. Applicants are required to pay the full amount tuition for both the summer and fall term on the registration day.