【Tips for Overseas Students】

The personal safety of international students and the security of their property is always a top priority. International students must abide by the law and be personally responsible for what they say and do in China. Studying at the university implies agreement with and acceptance of relevant university rules and regulations. After enrollment, please promptly provide your class adviser with your valid telephone number, email address, and emergency contacts in China. This will help ensure that the school’s management system is up to date. During the period of overseas study, students in distress should call one of the following numbers: for emergencies, call 110; to summon an ambulance, call120; to report a fire, call119; Xuhui campus emergencies, call 62932300.

【Campus Network】

Non-degree international students are eligible for the jAccount at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. More details, please login my.sjtu.edu.cn (English version) to sign up for the jAccount.


According to the pertinent regulations of the Ministry of Education and of the school, all international students must have insurance. International students must purchase insurance in accordance with relevant national regulations and school requirements. (http://en.lxbx.net/)Students who haven’t yet purchased required insurance, must do so by the deadline. Students who fail to purchase insurance by the deadline will not be admitted to the school. Returning students who are not covered by the required insurance must withdraw from the school and will not be allowed to register. Any questions, you can email to: zhjinpo@sjtu.edu.cn .

Insurance premiums are 400RMB for 6 months of coverage or 800RMB for 12 months of coverage.

For insurance consultation or claims, call 400.810.5119.

For more information about insurance plans, insurance services, claims, etc., please visit: https://isc.sjtu.edu.cn/CN/show.aspx?info_lb=148&info_id=87&flag=119