Regulations on Disciplinary Actions Applicable to International Chinese-language Students

1. These regulations are in accordance with the “International Student Management Regulations of Shanghai Jiao Tong University”(《上海交通大学国际学生管理规定》(沪交外[2014]129号)); the “Measures for the Reception and Teaching Management of Non-degree International Students ,SJTU” (《上海交通大学非学位国际学生的接收与教学管理办法》(沪交外[2014]127号)); and the “Student Handbook, SJTU(2018 Edition)” (《上海交通大学学生手册》(2018版). In addition, they were formulated under the guidance of the university’s International Student Center and International Student Service Center and in conjunction with the actual circumstances of full-time international Chinese-language students at the School of Humanities. The university's Students Affairs Division and Legal Affairs Office has reviewed and consented to these regulations and will supervise their implementation.

2. As used in these regulations, the term “international Chinese-language students” refers primarily to long-term and short-term, self-funded, non-degree, international Chinese-language students who are enrolled by the Office of International Affairs of the Training Center of the School of Humanities at SJTU and who hold study-type visas, such as the X1 Visa (or Residence Permit for Study) or the X2 Visa. All such international Chinese-language students enrolled at the school are assumed to have acknowledged and accepted these regulations.

3. All such international Chinese-language students enrolled at SJTU’s School of Humanities must abide by the laws of the People’s Republic of China, respect the customs and habits of the Chinese people, conscientiously maintain friendly relations among students of all countries, respect the different races, religions, customs, and habits of students from all countries, abide by the rules and regulations of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and study earnestly in accordance with teaching plans and arrangements.

4. Disciplinary Violations and Penalties

International Chinese-language students at the School of Humanities exhibiting the following behaviors will be issued a “Disciplinary Action Report for International Chinese-language Students ”(《汉语进修留学违纪处分告知单》) and be expelled without the possibility of a refund for the current semester. Such students will not be readmitted in the future; and, moreover, they will be reported to the Exit and Entry Administration and Service Center of the university, which will record the circumstances of the violation.

1. Students who exhibit any of the following behaviors, and, after criticism and education, refuse to change the behavior and continue to display a bad attitude:

1) fighting and brawling causing adverse effects or personal injury;

2) illegally possessing other people’s belongings (through theft, fraud, extortion, or fraudulent claims);

3) destroying the university’s public property and refusing to pay compensation;

4) disrupting teaching or examinations;

5) drinking excessively with associated negative effects; or

6) deliberately insulting teachers or students (including insults to religions, politics, beliefs, and customary practices).

2. Students for whom any of the following situations apply:

1) accumulating 60 class hours of unexcused absences;

2) accumulating 106 class hours of overall absences (including sick leave, personal leave, and/or unexcused absences); or

3) failing to register within three weeks of the beginning of the semester without the approval of the school.

3. Trafficking, disseminating, or producing obscene, pornographic, or reactionary printed materials, electronic publications, or audio-visual products

4. Engaging in drug related activity (including using or trafficking drugs)

5. Gambling

6. Violating regulations regarding religious activities on campus

7. Receiving public security, administrative, or judicial penalties from the People's Republic of China or concealing the existence of any such penalties

The above regulations will take effect on September 1, 2019.