【Visas and Permits】(No visa document for online learning students out of China.)

1.Student Visas without permission to work or take internships

Students who withdraw from the school must first cancel or shorten the duration of their student visas before requesting a possible refund of tuition.

2.Application for Residence Permits for Foreign Students with X1 Visas

After registration, international students with X1 Visas need to apply for the “Residence Permit for Foreign Students” at the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Shanghai Public Security Bureau (or at the Exit-Entry Reception Center of any district) within 30 days after entry. Bring the following required documents to your appointment:

1) “Visa Application Letter for International Students in Shanghai” (《在沪外国留学生办证申请函》);

2) JW202 Visa Application for Study in China (《外国留学人员来华签证申请表,》);

3) “Notice of Admission from SJTU”;

4) passport and passport-sized photos;

5) original and one additional copy of the “Registration Form of Temporary Residence”(《境外人员临时住宿登记单》); and

6) “Certificate of Physical Examination Record of Overseas Personnel” (《境外人员体格检查记录验证证明》) provided by the Shanghai International Travel Healthcare Center.(Foreign health records need to be confirmed by the Center. An appointment is necessary for a physical examination.)

3.Application for additional entries and exits under the X2 Visa

Additional entries and exits can be requested once only. Please go to the International Student Service Center of the School of Humanities(ISSCSH).

4.Extension of Residence Permits for Foreign Students and X2 Visa extensions

In order to facilitate applications for visa extensions for those international students wishing to continue their studies for an additional semester, the school will issue a “Notice on Application for Semester Extension and Study Completion” (《汉语学期延长和申请结业的通知》) in the 12th week of classes and, at the same time, will announce the registration date for the following semester. Three conditions must be met.

1) The number of absences shall not exceed one third of the total number of class sessions for classes that record attendance.

2) The average score of midterm examinations should be at least 60 based on the weighted mean method.

3) Students must not exceed 54 years of age.

Students who meet these conditions can apply for study extensions and visa extensions during the 14th and 15th week of the semester. (If the application is late, a registration fee of 450 RMB will apply.)